Extracurricular Activities

Fitness Classes

We partner with our sister company, Let's Grow Studio, to offer a variety of extracurricular fitness activities for children. Choose from Kids Yoga, Kids Zumba, Obstacle Mania, and Kid FIT classes each week. Research has shown that consistent exercise in early childhood can assist in brain development as well as overall physical health.

Our classes facilitate all kinds of movement, including cross-lateral movement, which is crucial for learning. Cross-lateral movements are those in which arms and legs cross over the mid-line of the body. Crossing the mid-line forces both sides of the brain to communicate, enhancing brain development. All classes are for children ages 2 and up. Check out our website at


If you are a student of Watch Me Grow Childcare and would like to register for one of our Extracurricular fitness activities at Let's Grow Studio. You will need to complete the attached registration form and turn it into the front office.