About Us

Policies & Procedures

We look forward to working with you and your child to provide the best possible experience at Watch Me Grow Child Care. Understand that our policies and procedures are in place for your child's protection. You can view the full list of all polices and procedures in our parent handbook. Remember, we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Positive Behavior Guidance Policy

Children learn through constant exploration and experimentation. At Watch Me Grow Child Care, we are committed to providing a safe environment for learning. We are strong proponents of positive reinforcement. Each day your child will be rewarded in different ways for positive behaviors.

Children will not be allowed to hurt themselves or others. Hitting, kicking, biting, etc. will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis to determine the best course of action. Possibilities include: redirection, help solving the problem, and parent conference. Parents will always be kept informed and involved. We expect that all parents are willing to work with their teacher and their child to create the best atmosphere for all of the children.

Sick Child Policy

We believe that most people prefer to be home in a comfortable environment when they are ill; this is especially true for children. We also believe that it is irresponsible, and sometimes dangerous, to knowingly expose others to an illness. For these reasons, we ask that no sick children attend Watch Me Grow Child Care.

Symptoms that would exclude a child from care include:

  • Fever of more than 100 degrees
  • Unexplained rash or sore
  • Discharge from eyes, ears or nose
  • Vomitting or Diarrhea
  • Productive cough or dry cough lasting more than 1 week without doctor attention
  • Any illness or injury that keeps a child from participating in regular activity