Parent Area

Current COVID-19 Response

Please note that anyone entering the building is required to wear a mask and teachers are wearing them at all times.

Modifications for pandemic or outbreak of severe illness in our community.

Drop off/Pick Up Procedures:

  1. Drop off:
    • a. Parents alert WMG 5-10 minutes prior to arrival via Brightwheel App message or by phone.
    • b. A single designated WMG staff member will meet parents in the parking lot, maintaining a 6’ distance whenever possible. Parents and other family members are not to enter the building.
    • c. If 6’ distance is not possible (for example for infants/toddlers) parents are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when interacting with staff. Staff are required to wear a mask.
    • d. Upon arrival WMG staff will conduct temperature checks. Children reading a fever of 100.4 will be excluded from care until they are fever free for 24 hours with no medication.
    • e. Children’s hands will be washed for at least 20 seconds by WMG staff prior to entering the classroom.
  2. Pick up:
    • a. Parents alert WMG 5-10 minutes prior to arrival via Brightwheel App message or by phone.
    • b. A WMG staff member will gather belongings and bring children to the lobby, wash hands for 20 seconds and bring children outside to parents for pick up. Again, maintaining a 6’ distance whenever possible and encouraged to wear a mask when not possible.
  3. To help expedite the process:
    • a. Please minimize items your child brings from home if possible.
    • b. Please remain in your vehicle or stand next to it. If you have tinted windows it’s helpful to lower your window so we can identify you.
    • c. If you get a new vehicle please notify us.
    • d. Please be patient with us

Staff Arrival:

  1. Staff will wash hands upon arrival and conduct a self temperature check. Staff reading over 100.4 will not be allowed to enter the building and will be excluded from working until fever free with no medication for 24 hours.

Additional Precautions implemented:

  1. Outside visitors will not be allowed during business hours. This includes extracurricular activities, maintenance companies, and outside agencies expect those required to enter by law (AZ Department of Health Services and Maricopa County Health Department).

  2. Deliveries will be left outside of the lobby doors, no deliveries inside the building.

  3. A disinfecting company will visit every weekend to sanitize flooring and surfaces with a hospital grade EPA certified cleaning agent.

  4. Teachers will sanitize all toys and equipment throughout the day after each use. This includes playground areas. All toys and equipment will be sanitized at the end of each day.

  5. Cots will be placed at least 6’ apart at naptime whenever possible (maximum distance based on attendance and area available). Cots will be sanitized daily after naptime.

  6. Multiuse spaces will be sanitized prior to each classrooms use (playgrounds and indoor play areas).

  7. Teachers will be assigned to one classroom and limit visiting other rooms unless necessary.

In the event of a Positive COVID-19 test

  1. All families will be notified immediately of any positive test results.

  2. Based on each individual case, we will follow the recommendations of the CDC and local Health Departments and communicate with parents throughout every step.

  3. Positive staff and children will be excluded from care for a minimum of 14 days and will not be allowed to return until the 14 day period has passed and they are symptom free for at least 72 hours without medication.