Infants Program

Ages 6 weeks to 12 Months

At Watch Me Grow Childcare our Infant Program ensures your baby receives the personal one on one attention that they need to develop trust for the world around them. Infants are held, cuddled, talked to and sang to throughout the day. We work closely with you to develop each infant's daily schedule. Flexibility with infants is key and our team understands and appreciates this fact. Parents are kept informed of their babies' activities through an electronic daily sheet application that shows meal and naptimes, activities, and their infant's likes and dislikes.

Daily Schedule

Our infant program schedule is flexible to meet the needs of all children at various ages between 6 weeks and 15 months old. We communicate daily with parents to ensure we are following the schedule set forth by the family and work with parents to alter the schedule as the babies grow and develop. Watch Me Grow's staff will ensure that babies participate in a minimum of 30 minutes of "tummy time" each day in the morning and again in the afternoon while in our care.