Tuition Rates

Weekly Tuition Rates 5 Full days 3 Full days 2 Full days
Cuddle Bugs (infant) $330 $270 $240
Caterpillars (age 1) $315 $245 $215
Bumble Bees (age 2) $295 $225 $195
Butterflies (age 3) $275 $215 $175
Grasshoppers & Fireflies (age 4+) $250 $210 $165

Rates include any hours between 6am-6pm, all meals and unlimited access to our online viewing system.

Additional fees include:

  • A one-time registration fee of $150 per child at the time of enrollment
  • An annual Supply Fee of $100 due each October 1st

Watch Me Grow currently has a waitlist in place in all three of our Gilbert, Arizona childcare locations (for all classrooms) so it is a good idea to tour our facilities early to ensure we have a space for your child when you need it. If you have NOT been told we have a spot available for enrollment, you SHOULD NOT COMPLETE all of our paperwork. To be added to our wait list please email our Director of Enrollment, Ms.Laryssa, at laryssa@wmgchildcare.com.

Parents that have been told there is a SPOT available will be sent a link to complete our paperwork.